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Par Amore

 Par Amore
Bruce and Basia formed their company PAR AMORE in 2004. They both work and direct independently. Depending of the film or commercial project, they also join together their talents and vision, to work as a team. The goal of PAR AMORE, is to be as unpretentiously and as creative as possible - seeking out artistic and imaginative solutions for their work.

Bruce is an accomplished painter and illustrator, and draws extensively on these backgrounds in his film work. Bruce Parramore has directed commercials since the mid 90s, winning numerous international awards, working with a wide variety of clients such as Coca Cola, City Bank, Skoda, Mc Donald, Heineken and others. He gets great performances out of his actors. He is a wonderful storyteller and finds original ways, to get across the emotions and messages to the audience. He brings a distinct style and freshness to the scripts he directs. His love of Dance, has also made him an expert in the musical genre.

Bruce speaks a selection of languages, the result of having lived and traveled in many parts of the world. "I can misunderstand your culture in more ways than one," he says. "And thats probably why people find the work I do refreshingly original."

Bruce Parramores short film Zenith was chosen for the highly selective Berlin Film Festival and went on to win the Grand Prix at Trevignano, as well as winning awards elsewhere. His last feature film “ LOVE & DANCE” , a musical, was a block buster in Poland and received the “ Public Golden Award “ in 2009.

Barbara Borkala with her background as an Art Director and Interior Designer, has now worked independently as a Film Director for 6 years, after working in the Polish Advertising Industry for 14 years. She directs, with a distinctive visual side, giving great care to the visual and artistic look of the final picture. She is relentless and a perfectionist in her work. Besides having a great mind for Comedy like Bruce, she enjoys as well the difficult work of Musicals, which is a form and genre that demands a great understanding of Dance and stage performance. Her film work shows clearly her great master of interior designs and fashion, always keeping one step ahead of the pack. Nothing escapes her eyes. All her sets are personally designed.

Basia was the Production Designer on Bruce’s feature film “LOVE & DANCE”. In 2009 she directed a Musical TV series in Poland that became a huge success. It was acclaimed as the best production design work in the history of Polish TV. PAR AMORE directed each five episodes.

The PAR AMORE directors ( Bruce Parramore & Basia Borkala ) are represented worldwide by French Directors, except for all of the Scandinavian Countries, France, Poland and the USA !